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Totius service family

The Totius service developed by KeloTwin Oy has been developed for property owners and developers to significantly improve the quality of construction, thereby increasing the value of the building and generating clear savings while supporting sustainable development. During a pandemic, the risk of executives becoming ill decreases because decisions can be made on a fact-based basis in remote meetings.

The Totius service provides 360 ° transparency to the construction phases, which can be utilized in building a new property and renovation phase by various parties. The number of construction site visits will decrease significantly, but fact-based decision-making will increase. There will be more remote construction site visits through virtual connection, which reduces travel. The flow of information between designers, supervisors, and the site is significantly accelerated, no unnecessary emails.

Totius service and building transparency support remote and centralized maintenance until the building is demolished. Thanks to the transparency of the building and the site, the flow of maintenance information, fact-based decision-making and problem solving can be significantly accelerated.


We live in an era where innovation is essential, and the introduction of technology is fast. No one can deny the profound need for companies to change due to the increased pace of digitalization development, global competition, changing customer requirements, and shrinking product life cycles. Management must therefore respond to the new dynamics of the digital world. Ecosystems are now being sought in alternative business models more than ever.

The founder of KeloTwin Oy has more than 15 years of extensive experience in digitalization and the success factors of various business value chains. By analyzing current elements and methods of customer value creation, it is possible to quickly create a cost-effective digital plan as a success factor for a company. The company is able to succeed with its own strengths in international ecosystems utilizing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

KeloTwin Oy can provide customized services related to machine learning and Artificial Intelligence with the help of an extensive partner network to support customers’ business and generate added value.